Once you are on https://app.specstimate.com/#/specstimates/active you can start creating a New Specstimate by clicking on the Create New Specstimate Button

You will be redirected to a form where you will need to fill the following:

  • Select an existing Client or Add a New One
  • Add you Project's Name
  • Chose a 4 digit code for your project. If you don't add it, we will automatically give one to you. This unique code will be used to pull progress data from 3rd parties applications
  • Chose your Unit of Measure. This refers to how you will manage and bill your project, Per Hour, Per Day, Per Week
  • Currency (US Dollar, EU Euro, or UK Pound)
  • Service Name: These will be automatically attached to all features in your specstimate (Backend Development, UX / UI Design etc.) If you don't know yet the services you can left this box blank as you can add them later in the document)
  • MISC - This section lets you choose if you want your Costs & Margins and Ranges enabled by default in the specstimate document
  • Hit Create New Specstimate and start writing on your document

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