As we previously mentioned in the Creating A New Specstimate Document  there are two ways in which you can set up your services:

  1. From the Add Specstimate Box. Just add your service name and unit cost, hit Enter and you can move to the following one. These will be automatically attached to all features in your specstimate

    2. From the Editor - Click on Show Full Estimate

  • In the Add New Row edit your service, choose your Unit Cost and hit Enter to move to another Service
  • Once you have set all your Services click on the Hours Table and add the number of estimate hours for each Service. The total will automatically be calculated
  • If you want to delete a Service, simply go with your cursor on it. A trashcan button will appear on its left. Click on it and voila, it is now deleted.
  • Once you added a service to a Specstimate this will be automatically registered. When you type a new service name on a different feature and matches our found, you will be prompted to select an existing service. Suggestions will be based on services already entered on your current document. 

You can change the Unit Of Measure by clicking on the Specstimate Logo within the editor -> Document Settings

A box similar to the Create a New Specstimate one will appear. Change your unit of measure as you desire and hit Save Changes.

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