When you will start editing your first Specstimates, you will see that the editor has four different elements: Title, Sections, Features and Estimates

Here is a brief description of the other menus you see in the specstimate Editor:

  1.  Specstimate Button - let's you return to the page of Active Specstimates
  2. The Document Menu - from where you can choose to Add New Sections for your document, Expand/Collapse All Estimates, give Access to the document or Share it, modify the document Settings or Close it.

   3. Text Styling Toolbar - becomes active only on a text that can be edited. The Specstimate Text Toolbar is very easy to use as it has all features from a normal Word Document. You can edit your text in different formats, colors and sizes, add emoji or insert links into your document. If you are familiar with other text toolbars, then using ours will be a piece of cake ;)

   4. Managing Access To The Document
5. Activity
6. Outline Panel - this is a summary of all Sections and Features present in a specstimate document and it can be found on the left side on the screen

  • Once you hover with your cursor over the button, the Outline Panel appears automatically. Choose the section or feature you want to see or edit and click on it. You don't have to scroll ages anymore to find what you were looking for :)

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