Each Feature goes through a flow, from being initally drafted to getting Client approval on it.

The steps of this flow are: Draft, Estimating, In Review, Approved, Postponed

Draft and Estimating

  • Client users won't see the estimate panel for Draft and Estimating features

In Review

  • Client users get access to the estimate for that particular feature
  • Client users can Approve the feature, changing it's status to Approved


  • 🔒 All changes to the requirements or estimate are locked for all types of users. 
  • In order to change the requirements or estimate, an Admin or Owner needs to change the feature's status back to either Draft or Estimating


  • Postponed features have no special behaviour other than allowing the Client to see the estimate panel.

For each Specstimate document, you'll find a breakdown of the statuses of your features in the Estimate Summary panel, at the bottom of the page.

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