Within a Specstimate organisation, there are 5 major user roles: Team Member, Collaborator, Admin, Owner and Client.

Team Member

  • can see and edit Specstimate documents they've been explicitly given access to by an Admin or Owner
  • can edit requirements and add / edit estimates
  • can add comments and upload files to a feature
  • 🚫 cannot see costs, only effort estimates (estimation in hours / days / weeks)


  • all permissions of a Team Member +
  • can see and edit costs on all estimates
  • has access to all Specstimates created within the Organisation
  • can manage access to any Specstimate document
  • can invite new Team Members or Clients
  • can make other users Admins


  • all permissions of Admin +
  • can manage Billing & Payment (in the future, when we release the paid plans)
  • can change ownership of the Organisation


A collaborator has the same access level as a Team Member. This special role is designed to help you better organise your external collaborators.

The Client

Clients have the same access rights as Team Members, with a few key differences:

  • clients can see the full estimates only on features that are In Review, Approved or Postponed. See Feature Status for more details.
  • clients can Approve a feature, thus changing it's status from In Review to Approved

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